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Joy and Michael


  1. Hey Mama Joy, following u here now… thx for letting us know about this!
    Excited to read more and see what unfolds for u as this comes to life!

    xoxo, t

    1. Joy Sikorski says:

      Hi Terri,

      This is exciting that you are following me here. I love it!

      Would you do something for me? Would you think of something you’d like to see on this website and let me know?

      For instance, a blog post or short video about some aspect of the story (like the research we did or the questions we asked ourselves about our approach to the story, etc.)

      And I’d love to hear your thoughts about the overall look and feel of this Judah and Tamar website.

      Thanks and many hugs to you,
      Mama Joy (sometimes known as “author Joy Sikorski”) 🙂