Judah and Tamar’s Untold Love Story

Can deception ever turn into something good?

judah tamar trilogy book one


You may already know that the Judah and Tamar story comes from the Biblical story in Genesis 38, and that it’s a super short story that comes “out of nowhere” but packs a walloping effect on the history of the Middle East.

Oddly enough, people in “polite circles” rarely discuss the darker secrets about Judah and Tamar and their incestuous relationship. Perhaps tha’s because the prelude to the story involves rape, murder and deception on the part of a major patriarchal family, a family that we—the authors—call the “original dysfunctional family.”

Perhaps it’s also because this Biblical story involves other uncomfortable truths and raises uncomfortable questions, such as, what happened to the Sh’chem women, the hapless survivors of the slaughter of the male population of Sh’chem?

Nonetheless, the exciting thing about the Judah and Tamar story is that even though no “ick factor truths” are left out in our telling of it, the story itself ends with a sense of hope for the future.

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