Judah and Tamar Story Characters

The Original Dysfunctional Family

Judah and Tamar Trilogy Cast

Judah and Tamar story book characters

  • Yehuda:  fourth son of Ya’akov and Leah
  • Tamar:  daughter of a wealthy Adullam merchant
  • Ya’akov:  father of twelve sons and one daughter
  • Leah:  mother of seven sons and one daughter
  • Reuven:  first son of Ya’akov and Leah
  • Shim’on:  second son of Ya’akov and Leah
  • Levi:  third son of Ya’akov and Leah
  • Yosef:  first son of Ya’akov and Rochel
  • Hirah:  wealthy Adullam merchant
  • Illit:  wife of Yehuda
  • Anush noorshma of Tamar
  • Sh’chem women:  survivors of the massacre

The Judah and tamar book trilogy is a story about the original dysfunctional family, if ever there was one. Even though the story is set in an ancient world, the characters of Judah and Tamar (who end up in an incestuous relationship), two of Yehuda’s brothers (who murder all the males of an entire city), and other the members of Yacob’s family, plus the Sh’chem women, could all come right out of today’s world!

And like today’s dysfunctional families, dark family secrets about rape, incest or murder rarely get talked about in future generations. That is one of the reasons why we open up the dark secrets of this “original dysfunctional family,” for our readers.

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