Book One: Tamar of the Terebinths

Vividly evocative and deeply moving, this biblical historical fiction novel is based on the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38. The first book in the trilogy unveils the triumph of the feminine spirit over the nearly impossible odds revealed in Tamar of the Terebinths. Inside the pages of this enjoyable read you will begin to discover why Tamar is one of the most influential women in the history of the world, and why so little is known about her.

If the truth be told, had Tamar not seduced her father-in-law, Judah, he would not have become the man that he became, the man who, with Tamar, produced the lineage of King David and Jesus. Her life sets the stage for THE GREATEST LOVE STORY NEVER TOLD.You know almost nothing about me from the Bible’s Genesis 38 account except that I disguised myself as a prostitute to seduce my father-in-law, Judah—Jacob’s fourth son—so that I could hold him to his legal obligation to marry me to his third son.

tamar had a dream

In her own words:
“I am Tamar.I want to tell you about my life, about all the things never written down about my family or Anush, the woman who raised me.

Where I lived, people believed I had power greater than all the gods and priests and that I could take a life without so much as touching a person.

I was blamed for the deaths of three people in my city. You probably know about two of them, but no one knows about the third.

Until now.

Ignorant assumptions, fear and Moon Blood rituals forced a decision that drove me away from everyone.

In the end, I had the amber earrings to help me.

All through the ages I have called out to find your ears and now the time has come to tell you my story.”

Tamar of the Terebinths

She is mentioned only once in Genesis 38 and other than what we read there, nothing is known about her.

So, we have given Tamar a voice of her own and have created an entire family history for her; perhaps even a shocking family history.

She is an unusual girl who overcomes unusual tragedies and makes an unusual choice that allows her to find her purpose in life as a woman.

Are all the gods against Tamar?

  • Her mother is dead
  • Her father hates her
  • She marries
  • Her husband dies on their wedding night
  • She marries her dead husband’s brother and he dies within a week
  • She seduces her father-in-law without him knowing who she is
  • She gets pregnant by him and barely escapes being burned to death for playing the whore as a widow

But that’s not all

She will also begin to understand her purpose in life because of a massacre that happened before she was born; and because of the love and guidance she receives from her noorshma.

And always there is the cave and the terebinth tree where she can go to think and find answers to solve her deepest problems.

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