Book Three

Redemption (Ge’ulah)

A famine in the land and the impending death of Leah force Judah, with Tamar and his entourage, to move back to Ya’akov’s encampment in Kirjath-arba. Tamar meets her extended family and endeavors to endear her children to their father and prepare them for their future. Meanwhile, Yehuda leads his brothers on a journey to Egypt to gather supplies.

judah and tamar trilogy camel caravanThe family in the camp begins to come back to life through Tamar’s wisdom and leadership, but deception at the Pharoah’s court forces the brothers journey to Egypt to take a dangerous turn.

Once again, a mysterious voice leads Yehuda to an act of humility and sacrifice that paves the way for the reconciliation of the entire family and the beginning of a new life in a new land.

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