Book One

The Betrayal (Bgida)

Through dark deception and against their father Ya’akov’s wishes, Shim’on and Levi perpetrate an act of terrible vengeance upon the male residents of Sh’chem for the rape of their sister, thus fraying the bonds of the family to the breaking point.
shattered family judah and tamar image

Ya’akov’s family is firmly divided when three years later the same two brothers, in an act of impulsive jealousy, decide to kill their half-brother, Yosef. It is Yehuda, the fourth son of Ya’akov, who stays their bloody hands and comes up with an alternative to murder.

However, the plan he devises requires deception and the need to lie to their father and the entire family, making them believe that Yosef has been killed by beasts.

Ya’akov is devastated by the news of the “death” of his favorite son and falls into a deep depression as the rest of his tribe becomes embroiled in intrigue and suspicions.

A mysterious voice is heard, setting the scene for Yehuda to take decisive action.

Woven into the fabric of this dark story, an unusual series of thoughts occur out of space and time.

Book Two: T’shuva of the Judah and Tamar trilogy