Judah and Tamar and Coism

coism in judah tamar trilogyWe are busily researching, writing and editing Book Two in the Judah and Tamar Trilogy: Judah of the Terebinths. We are also creating maps for the Judah and Tamar story and hope to include one or two of them in Judah of the Terebinths.

Since Book One of the Judah and Tamar Trilogy was written from Tamar’s viewpoint (1st person present tense), Book Two is being written from Judah’s viewpoint. Book Three, Song of the Terebinths, will be written from both of their viewpoints.

Right now we are calling our approach “coism,” which is to say that we believe there needs to be a co-equal perspective for this story, not just a female perspective or a male perspective separate from the other.

We think that the balance between the two perspectives is not only an interesting way to write the Judah and Tamar story itself, but is also an interesting way to write a trilogy.

Judah and Tamar = Coism

We also think that the concept of coism encapsulates the next step that needs to be taken in order for societies to achieve true balance between female and male communication patterns, which can ultimately lead to more actualized peace in the world.

Our collaborative process with this story has allowed us both to realize that we are being required to grow in our individual personal lives even as this story grows. We are being required to set aside old and tired communication patterns that do not produce harmony or strength. We are being required to learn what it means to successfully apply the concepts of coism in the real world outside of the fictional world of the Judah and Tamar story itself.

With these things in mind, we continue to bring you the best possible ideas that we can create. Ideas about coism in communication between female and male patterns, coism between different people groups, coism between family and community members. It is our hope that you will also consider coism in light of your own life and relationships.

A Judah and Tamar reader’s response to coism

“Judah and Tamar is not just a book project, it’s an evolution!” – Patty Carratello

Meanwhile, back to writing, and if you haven’t read Book One of the trilogy yet, get it here.