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Judah and Tamar Story Team

We’ve been having an amazing time writing this Judah and Tamar story and we appreciate all the wonderful feedback and suggestions you’ve given us as we’ve shared our vision with you. That vision includes not only the book trilogy, but a musical or opera and a movie.

You have added your thoughts too, like starting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo or other crowd-funding project in order to do a graphic novel, a musical album, etc.

Naturally, we’re thrilled.

We would absolutely love it if you have a mind that thinks organically when it comes to Social Media. You would absolutely rock this thing if you were one of the people who make this awesome Judah and Tamar story project come to full cyber light!

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This thing is getting much bigger than we are and you are one of the reasons why!

Thanks so much and do stay connected with us by making comments on this site and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.